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Did you know that only 7% of words are used in a language 55% of body language and 38% intonation and stress pattern. So keeping this in mind we have designed a course that not only will help you speak effectively but make you sound even more comprehensive.
The method of the training is so language friendly that you may not even have to carry the notebooks to our classrooms. the session of 90 minutes is divided into 3 parts that covers your write up, narration, and group discussion.

Thank you for choosing Plato Spoken English and skills. It was a wise decision.
This is to make you understand that, to learn any language one must know the culture behind it. Without the language culture you may find it difficult to fathom the language. Now we all know that we are attempting the language that is spoken in most parts of the world if not all over.
We at Plato believe that only learning English is not just enough, You must know how to speak it too.

Happy learning with friendly and helpful team of ours.

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Who We Are